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Himalayan Salt Lamps

Bulk Rock Sea and Mineral Salts

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"Let there be work, bread, water and salt for all."

                                                                                                                       Nelson Mandela

Himalayan Pink Salt (Spa Grade | Bath Salt)

Himalayan Salt is the purest salt in the world; harvested from the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan by our group of carefully selected companies. Himalayan salt has 84 essential minerals for your well being. This salt is available in smaller quantities for your personal use, and larger quantities to accent your own salt room for halotherapy.

Coarse | Medium | Fine

Grain Size

Himalayan White Salt (Spa Grade | Bath Salt)

Himalayan White Salt is harvested from deeper veins of the Himalayan Mountains in Pakistan.  Himalayan salt is the purest salt in the world and is harvested by our group of carefully selected companies. Himalayan salt has 84 essential minerals for your well being. This salt is available in small quantities for your personal use, and large quantities to accent your own salt room for halotherapy.  

Coarse | Medium | Fine

Grain Size

Dead Sea Salt (Spa Grade | Bath Salt)

                             (Unavailable until further notice)

Dead Sea Salt contains 21 minerals including magnesium, calcium, sulfur, bromide, iodine, sodium, zinc and potassium. These essential minerals naturally occur in our bodies, but must be replenished. These minerals are known to treat, detoxify and cleanse our bodies.


Canadian Pink Salt (Spa Grade | Bath Salt)

Canadian Pink Salt, 3,000' below the surface we harvest our 100% natural, pure and pristine salts. They have natural cleansing power that liberates the skin pores of all impurities, invigorates and tightens skin pores, hydrating and nourishing. 



Saskatchewan Red Salt (Spa Grade|Bath Salt)

Saskatchewan Red |Salt production comes from different sources in Saskatchewan. Salt and salt products from these salt mining operations are produced in Saskatchewan. As with any of our salt products, Saskatchewan Red salt naturally cleanses, hydrates and nourishes our skin. This products is a spa-grade salt and can be used for many purposes from bath salt to spa room floor salt.


Epsom Salt (Unavailable until further notice)

(Magnesium Sulfate, Heptahydrate, USP)

Did you know that "Epsom Salt" is not actually salt, although it is commonly referred to as Epsom Salt.  There is no sodium chloride (i.e. salt) in Epsom Salt.  However, it is used in bath soaks, in the same way as we use bath salts to soothe and refresh our bodies.

Epsom salt is known to reduce soreness, pain and even stress.  Epsom salt bathwater can soften rough, dry skin, and exfoliate dead skin cells. It may also soothe skin affected by skin conditions, like eczema or psoriasis. However, it is a good idea to check with a doctor before soaking in Epsom salt for skin conditions.

Our Epsom Salt (i.e. magnesium sulfate) is the highest quality USP-grade Epsom salt that meets FDA standards for Good Manufacturing Practices.

Shape and/or Size

Himalayan Salt Stones

Himalayan salt stones can be used for self-massage, and are great for tension relief. Hold a salt stone in your hand as you relax and watch television or to take a break from your smartphone.

After a shower, use a wet Himalayan salt stone to replenish mineral deficiencies that our bodies lack. A simple glide over the skin helps you absorb 84 naturally occurring minerals and salts found in the Himalayan salt stone. Use water to wet the stone or try jojoba or coconut oil.

A natural alternative to chemical-based, traditional deodorants and antiperspirants, Himalayan salt stones provide a protective barrier against odor-causing bacteria. Simply wet the stone and apply to desired areas thoroughly. Dry stone when finished.

Himalayan salt stones are versatile in their abilities to be heated or cooled, depending on your need. Warmed stones soothe your body, while cooled stones provide relief for aches and pains. Simply freeze the stone in your home freezer or heat the stone, in an oven (200 degrees), place stone on a small baking sheet, or warm in a pan over a burner.*

*  Caution: Himalayan salt stones will heat quickly on a burner. When stone is warm, not hot, apply to any areas of the body for a nice warming sensation. Be careful not to heat the stone too much to guard against burning.

All Natural Bath Salts

Himalayan, Dead Sea and

Canadian Pink Bath Salts 

Great for gifts or enjoy your own luxurious bath with some of our All Natural Bath Salts. Our bath salts are pure salts, using only dried flowers and edible gold to enhance the salt bath experience. We use no additives or enhancers in our bath products. Each bottle contains 227g|8oz of pure opulence. 

Choose from: 

  • Dead Sea salt with 24K Gold or Lavender; 
  • Himalayan fine salt with Lavender;
  • Himalayan coarse salt with Lavender; or
  • Canadian Pink salt with Lavender.