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Salt Room Supplier

Himalayan Salt Lamps

Bulk Rock Sea and Mineral Salts

Salt FirstOne


Ceramic Himalayan Salt Inhaler

Portable Halotherapy Inhaler, 100% Natural and Drug Free Himalayan Salt Therapy. Comes pre-loaded with enough salt to last for several months.


Himalayan Salt Bricks

Himalayan Salt Bricks can be a part of your home décor or commercial salt room design. 

Build a salt wall using these all natural Himalayan salt bricks to create a beautiful ambiance, while taking advantage of health benefits from the Himalayan salt!  

Bricks can be purchased with all sides smooth (8"x4"x1"), or one side natural (8"x4"x1.5").

Bricks can be purchased with all sides smooth (8"x4"x1"), or one side natural (8"x4"x1.5").


Himalayan Salt Licks

All our salt licks come threaded with a strong, natural, biodegradable rope, that can be used to hang the salt lick.  

Himalayan Salt Rocks, Animal Licks

Our salt licks are pure Himalayan salt, which include 84 essential minerals and nutrients. These mineral licks are naturally occurring and are ideal for farm animals or domestic pets.

Our Himalayan salt licks come in a variety of all natural colours that occur from within the Himalayan mountains.

We offer a variety of sizes to best fit your needs; between 4 and 16 lb licks.


For large quantity orders, contact us directly for a quote.


We proudly represent IIRIS, a world renowned name in the market of equipment for professional and home based salt rooms, a well respected partner for salt therapy technologies worldwide. For over 20 years of its activity, the Kokkonen LLC company has over 2000 dry salt aerosol generators that are working globally.