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New Year Special: 

January and February, 2022 

We are offering free shipping or delivery for this spectacular Detox Dome until the end of February, 2022.

Birthdays🎉, Valentines Day 💕, Make Someone's Day😍....these are all very important days.  

So take advantage of this online special today.  

"There are many ways we can integrate Himalayan salt into our lives, and the Himalayan Detox Dome is just one more opportunity for us to improve and/or maintain our overall well-being.”

Author Unknown

Himalayan Salt Detox Domes                                                     ($119.99)

The Himalayan Salt Detox Dome can help you relax; detox; and improve your overall well-being.  Your feet have over 200,000 sweat glands. When the Himalayan Salt Detox Dome starts to heat you up, triggering sweating, it will begin to eliminate waste that accumulates in your cells.

We know that Himalayan salt has 84 trace minerals; and this plethora of minerals will nourish your cells in a way that promotes rejuvenation and reduces your acid levels. The heat from the lamp also increases pore size, which helps facilitate absorption of the detoxing salt. Some people say they can taste salt in their mouths after using the Himalayan Salt Detox Dome.

This ancient crystal salt is anti-bacterial and anti-microbial, so it is also a fabulous way to help with common foot conditions such as athletes’ foot. 

When you place your feet on the warmed lamp, it draws toxins from your body. Frequent use of the lamp will gently cleanse and re-balance your system, while revitalizing your body and mind.


September and October 2021

Purchase a Himalayan Salt Animal Lick at original price, and get second Salt Lick at half price.  

To take advantage of this special pricing, contact us for details.

Himalayan Salt Rocks, Animal Licks

Our salt licks are pure Himalayan salt, which include 84 essential minerals and nutrients. These mineral licks are naturally occurring and are ideal for farm animals or domestic pets.

Our Himalayan salt licks come in a variety of all natural colours that occur from within the Himalayan mountains.

We offer a variety of sizes to best fit your needs; between 4 and 16 lb licks.

JULY, 2020 SPECIAL!! Hot Deal!

Two for one, 9-14 lb Himalayan Pink Salt Lamps - $54.99

CSA Approved dimmer cords and bulbs included

Relaxing and full of health benefits.

Invest in your wellness!

Free delivery in Saskatoon, $12 delivery charge

anywhere in Saskatchewan!